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Why Garden in School? (Part 4)

Can School Gardening Help Save Civilization? (An Essay in Four Parts) by Carter D. Latendresse The Catlin Gabel School Abstract This paper is an argument for gardening in schools, focusing on two months of integrated English-history sixth grade curriculum that explores the relationships between a number of current environmental problems—notably hunger, water scarcity, topsoil loss, […]

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EE Research: Assessment

EE Research: Creating a Framework to Assess Nature Field Trips Looking for a more complete measurement of the effectiveness of outdoor excursions from EE Research Bulletin Nicole Ardoin, Editor THE RESEARCH: Morag, O., & Tal, T. (2012). Assessing learning in the outdoors with the Field Trip in Natural Environments (FiNE) framework. International Journal of Science […]

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Incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge into Geoscience Education

It Takes a Community to Raise a Scientist: A Case for Community-Inspired Research and Science Education in an Alaskan Native Community By Nievita Bueno Watts and Wendy F. Smythe The quote, “lt takes a village to raise a child,” is attributed to African tradition and carries over to Alaskan Native communities as well (Hall, 2000). […]

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Greening the Language Arts

Considering Sustainability Outside of the Science Classroom by Lauren G. McClanahan Western Washington University Humanity is exalted not because we are so far above other living creatures, but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life. —E.O. Wilson Given the titles most often studied in secondary literature classes, one could infer that critical […]

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Place-based Education

15 Ways to Know You’re Connected to a Place What Does “Connecting to a Place” Really Mean? By Cliff Knapp Environmental and place-based educators frequently refer to a goal they set for their students — connecting or reconnecting them to a place. What does this really mean? How will I know when my students are […]

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No Fooling: Exploring the Nature of Responsibility, Progress, Success, and Good Work

No Fooling: Exploring the Nature of Responsibility, Progress, Success, and Good Work How we answer a challenge raised over half a century ago regarding the way we handle the blessings of nature will go a long way towards determining our future. by Peter Hayes In the roughly 10,000 years since members of our species first […]

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