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CLEARING is a resource for teachers of environmental literacy, sustainability, and place-based education for the Pacific Northwest. It is a guide to the best resources, teaching ideas and strategies for K-12 and non-formal educators, and a way to share best practices for effective environmental literacy education. CLEARING is published quarterly online with a printed Compendium edition available once a year. Learn more.


EE Research Summary: Comparing the Philosophies of Muir and Leopold

Who’s a Better Role Model: John Muir or Aldo Leopold? From Environmental Research Bulletin Nicole Ardoin and Jason Morris, Project Leaders THE RESEARCH: Goralnik, L., & Nelson, M. P. (2011). Framing a philosophy of environmental action: Aldo Leopold, John Muir, and the importance of community. The Journal of Environmental Education, 42(3), 181–192.   In thinking about what […]

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Teaching Stewardship Through Native Legend

Teaching Stewardship Through Native Legend Abstract: This article provides the reader with a general background of Alaska Native education and resource conservation, focusing on southeast Alaska cultures. European contact severed these education models by creating government schools. Since then Alaska Natives have worked to balance Native culture with western education. A synopsis of several legends […]

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Teaching and Learning Ecologically

Cultivating Ecological Teachers and Learners Using Project Learning Tree   by Jaclyn Stallard from The Branch, Project Learning Tree’s E-newsletter Summer 2014 “Ecological teaching and learning is not just a matter of pedagogy, but also philosophy. Ecological teaching and learning represents a new life-affirming mindset that all teachers—and, to a larger extent, all citizens and all […]

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SWEet! : Using Cascade Snowpack to Teach Climate Change

Climate Change Education SWEet!: Using Cascade Snowpack to Teach Climate Change by Padraic Quinn, Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School Padraic_Quinn@beaverton.k12.or.us Illustration by Bill Reiswig Three years ago I was given the opportunity to learn with the scientific leaders of climate change research as part of a teacher-research partnership through NASA, Oregon State University and the […]

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Using Links as Labs: First Green Connects Kids, Classrooms and Golf Courses

2014 E3 Green Apple Award Winners Using Links as Labs: First Green Connects Kids, Classrooms and Golf Courses  As the United States seeks to meet the rising need for graduates with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) degrees, First Green is filling the gap with its innovative program of using golf courses as learning labs. First […]

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