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CLEARING is more than just a great place to find ideas and resources for environmental education. It is also a place to share your knowledge and experience with your fellow teachers. Consider submitting an article that tells your environmental education story. What did you do? How was it unique? What obstacles were overcome? How did your students benefit? Contact us for more information.


Students’ Lived Experience

Effective Education: Turning the Classroom Inside Out By Indira Dutt s a child at school I remember sitting in a stuffy portable looking out the window to the field and houses beyond. I felt constrained: my seat was attached to the desk, the classroom was just barely big enough to fit all of us, the […]

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Why Garden in School

Can School Gardening Help Save Civilization? (An Essay in Four Parts)   by Carter D. Latendresse The Catlin Gabel School Abstract This paper is an argument for gardening in schools, focusing on two months of integrated English-history sixth grade curriculum that explores the relationships between a number of current environmental problems—notably hunger, water scarcity, topsoil […]

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Helping Teachers Gain Competencies in a Technological Age

Helping Teachers Gain Competencies in a Technological Age Is Active Learning, Learning? by Jim Martin Because active learning requires practice and feedback on thinking like an expert (a scientist), it demands considerably greater subject expertise by the teacher. . . . [A problem that] will remain until college science teaching improves to the point that […]

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EE Research: Storytelling as a Tool for Young Learners

EE Research: Storytelling as a Tool for Young Learners Using storytelling is the best way to engage very young students from EE Research Bulletin Nicole Ardoin, Editor Research suggests that lasting attitudes toward nature and the environment form in the first few years of a child’s life; thus, instilling environmental awareness in very young children […]

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Book Review: The Sixth Extinction

Reviewed by Mike Weilbacher The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History By Elizabeth Kolbert Henry Holt. 319 pp. $28 We inhabit an extraordinary planet overflowing with an abundance of life: massive coral reefs built by billions of tiny invertebrates, rain forests teeming with uncountable plants and animals, frogs and toads singing in vernal ponds, bats flitting […]

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