NGSS and Environmental Education

Use the Real World to Integrate Your Curriculum In today’s test-driven schools, there’s little room for including the world outside the classroom in the curriculum, even though school is supposed to be based on the real world. And prepare us for it. by Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor his year I watched good classroom programs […]

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Urban Schools and Environmental Education

Urban Schools and Environment Education by Alison Swain IslandWood Graduate Student/ Field Instructor his past fall, an IslandWood instructor gave me the advice that a teacher can only take her students from the place they are coming from.  Through weeks of teaching environmental education to students from public and private elementary schools across the Seattle […]

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Permaculture Garden

Care for Self, Care for Others, Care for the Land: How Springwater Environmental Sciences School Uses Their Permaculture Garden as a Microcosm for the Environment. Kaci Rae Christopher t first, starting a school garden that combined permaculture and science seemed like a puzzle. How could I teach garden science classes while simultaneously producing large amounts […]

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Jim Martin on NGSS

Active Learning: Is this something our pre-service education equips us for? ’m interested in the Resource section on the New Generation Science Standards (NGSS) web site ( At the very end of the materials, there is a link to the Vision Framework table ( which indicates where science education has been, and where it is […]

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