Urban Schools and Environmental Education

Urban Schools and Environment Education by Alison Swain IslandWood Graduate Student/ Field Instructor his past fall, an IslandWood instructor gave me the advice that a teacher can only take her students from the place they are coming from.  Through weeks of teaching environmental education to students from public and private elementary schools across the Seattle […]

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Permaculture Garden

Care for Self, Care for Others, Care for the Land: How Springwater Environmental Sciences School Uses Their Permaculture Garden as a Microcosm for the Environment. Kaci Rae Christopher t first, starting a school garden that combined permaculture and science seemed like a puzzle. How could I teach garden science classes while simultaneously producing large amounts […]

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Jim Martin on NGSS

Active Learning: Is this something our pre-service education equips us for? ’m interested in the Resource section on the New Generation Science Standards (NGSS) web site (http://www.nextgenscience.org/resources). At the very end of the materials, there is a link to the Vision Framework table (http://www.nextgenscience.org/sites/ngss/files/15-041_Achieve_ScienceChartNewVision.pdf) which indicates where science education has been, and where it is […]

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Transformative Power

The Transformative Power of Wilderness Education A graduate student finds an understanding of the effect of wilderness on the development of young people’s sense of self-worth by Rory Crowley n July 7th, 2001 I lie huddled in my sleeping bag, shivering as I survey the cloud of water vapor that floats above my head. It’s […]

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