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CLEARING is a resource for teachers of environmental literacy, sustainability, and place-based education for the Pacific Northwest. It is a guide to the best resources, teaching ideas and strategies for K-12 and non-formal educators, and a way to share best practices for effective environmental literacy education. Formerly in print only, CLEARING is now published quarterly online with a printed Compendium edition available once a year. Learn more.

A Journey of the Mind?

By Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor he young woman carefully pours hydrogen peroxide into a graduated cylinder, presses a key on a computer keyboard, then measures ten drops of liver homogenate into the cylinder.  The surface of the hydrogen peroxide seems to leap at the first drop of homogenate, then the drop begins to froth […]

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Coyote Teaching

by Connor O’Malley reprinted courtesy of Alderleaf Wilderness College http://www.wildernesscollege.com/ oyote teaching is a phrase popularized by Tom Brown Jr. and Jon Young.  Similar teaching methods however, have been used by indigenous people, philosophers, psychologists, and wise individuals all over the world.  A “coyote teacher” is one who encourages the student to delve deeper into […]

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Next Generation Science Standards:

Should they direct students’ educations, or would they be better applied to teachers’ educations? by Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor icture this: Science teachers with a strong background in doing science, working in a collegial environment, building their own independent curricula. Will they do a better job than those who, working alone in their classrooms, […]

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A Journey Of Surprises

Rivers reveal their secrets to Idaho students researching water quality through rigorous scientific inquiry Photos and story by Suzie Boss Squiggly blue lines cover the map of Idaho, a state with more than 2,000 lakes and hundreds of miles of rivers. From the perspective of veteran science teacher Bob Beckwith, all that water means that […]

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CLEARING is, without a doubt, one of the most vibrant, timely, and informative resources for environmental literacy education to be found. It is a frequently updated source of classroom activities, best practices,  resources, and personal perspectives that help you connect students to the world around them, and gives teachers the tools and inspiration to integrate […]

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