A communications and teaching tool for environmental literacy education in the Pacific Northwest


As a non-profit organization, CLEARING is entering an exciting new era of growth and development, with an opportunity to make significant strides in promoting environmental literacy education in the Pacific Northwest. Over the past year we have worked to clarify our goals, define our purpose, and focus on a strategic path that will lead to a powerful and productive future. Presently, we are building new relationships and partnerships across the region that will greatly enhance our reach and effectiveness. We are working with non-profit organizations, schools and universities, and the business community to build a dynamic network of teachers, educators, trainers, professionals and students. And we are building our capacity and infrastructure as a non-profit organization to allow us to continue growing into the future. Our efforts have resulted in an organization that has the ability, flexibility and strength to play an important role in environmental literacy efforts for years to come.


CLEARING is a dynamic and vital resource for teachers and educators that unites a culturally and ecologically diverse region by generating and sharing ideas, resources and best practices that aim to build a green, healthy and sustainable future. The publication represents the collective wisdom of experienced educators and thinkers from the education community in the Pacific Northwest. CLEARING is, in the lingo of modern social media, an “aggregator” of the best information available to the environmental literacy education community.

What CLEARING does:

• We help teachers do their job better by giving them access to the best tools and strategies for their educational situation.

• We connect people, projects, and programs throughout the Pacific Northwest (and beyond), building bridges across a diverse cultural and ecological landscape.

• We provide a forum for sharing best practices in interdisciplinary place-based learning for all ages that leads to increased environmental literacy.

• We work with universities, government agencies, and the business community to increase awareness of STEM research and practices.

Our Mission

CLEARING is a non-profit organization whose mission is supporting education for environmental literacy. This is accomplished by providing a forum for communicating and sharing ideas that advance the cause of environmental literacy, and through the production of informative and engaging publications that provide educators of all ages and subject matter with the tools to develop and conduct innovative and powerful learning activities.

Our Vision

We are building a community of educators and students throughout the region who are dedicated to the common purpose of creating a healthy and sustainable future. We believe that by sharing tools, ideas and experiences, and by providing a communications vehicle for the region, we can help teachers develop and conduct powerful learning activities in their communities that lead to environmental literacy.

Our Values

• Building Community
• Empowering Teachers
• Promoting Creative and Innovative Learning

Where We are Headed:

• Continue to build our network of cooperating partners throughout the region
• Expand visibility throughout the region and build on our reputation for quality and reliability
• Obtain the necessary tools to function effectively in both the print and digital worlds.
• Maintain a strong publication that serves a wide audience of teachers and educators with the best information, resources and ideas for environmental literacy.
• Build a powerful and dynamic website that reaches a global audience.
• Pursue other educational opportunities such as workshops, webinars, and training conferences.


Check out this sample issue of CLEARING to see the amazing variety and usefulness of the articles found in every issue! (Every article can be translated into any one of dozens of foreign languages!)

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