Staff and Board

Board of Directors

TimDelano• Tim DeLano (President)

Tim DeLano comes onto the Clearing board with a lengthy and varied background in environmental education. Tim’s career has taken him to deserts, mountains, and rivers; and into classrooms, school yards and conference halls. Tim’s specialty is connecting people with natural resources through direct experience.


Jan in gray, brick background 2016• Jan Curry (Vice-President)

Jan has loved life since the early days of creek exploring, cicada watching, leaf identification and butterfly-chasing in Illinois. She gravitated toward the “wild outdoors” and became a biology classroom teacher to share her love of nature with students in the PNW. Later, she opted to be an informal educator and volunteer coordinator at Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve for the City of Hillsboro, OR. Currently she is partnering with Clean Water Services to set up an exciting Volunteer Steward Program at Fernhill, site of an innovative natural treatment system involving wetlands in Forest Grove. Aquatic ecosystems, habitat restoration, native plants, amphibians, and insects are a few of her favorite topics of discussion and fieldwork.

Jessmine Bio pic• Jessmine Anderson (Secretary)

Born and raised on O’ahu, Hawai’i, Jessmine grew up barefoot and close to nature. She uprooted herself from the sun & sand to Oregon, where she graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Environmental Economics and Environmental Science in 2013. Jessmine loves people and nature. She lives for what becomes of putting the two together. Invite her camping and she’ll bring her Djembe (a West African drum). Take her rock climbing and she’ll bring the laughter. Don’t take her mushroom hunting without an expert—it’s a health concern.


• Joe Tursi (Treasurer)

Joe was born and raised in Milwaukie, OR and is the Community Engagement Coordinator with Lois Cohen Associates.  He has a Bachelors degree in business marketing, and a Masters in sustainable design with a focus on integrating sustainability into K-12 classrooms.  Last year, Joe started the Ecoliteracy Collaborative with Mike Rosen, which was a project working with KairosPDX in N Portland. They helped raise money to turn a vacant lot into a school garden and ran a workshop geared towards integrating sustainable lessons into the garden space.

wilde• Anna Wilde

Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) from the University of Manitoba and a Masters in Public Administration (Natural Resources Management) from Portland State University. Prior to moving to Vancouver, Washington, she worked at the Willamette Partnership in Portland. During her time there, she coordinated the Honoring Our Rivers project, a student anthology of river-related art and writing. Her skills and experience include publishing, layout and copy editing, grant writing, outreach, and general administration.


• Don Atwell

Don Atwell is the Director of Commercial Printing at Pamplin Media Group, and the General Manager of the Outlook Publishing and Printing.  Don has been in the publications business since the middle 1980s when he got his first job working for a press facility in Camas.  He went on to join the U.S. Coast Guard, where he was a Public Affairs Specialist, and the media’s main point of contact for Coast Guard activities throughout the state of Alaska.  After his enlistment ended, Don went back to school and back to work in the publications industry where he remains.


lbselfie11-162Larry Beutler — Managing Editor

Larry has a long history in environmental education in the Pacific Northwest, and has been the editor of CLEARING since Hector was a pup. In that time he has managed to keep the publication alive while operating out of such locations as Portland State University, the John Inskeep Environmental Learning Center, and his front bedroom. Today he is somewhat proficient at desktop publishing, but feels he’s always a few steps away from the cutting edge. He has witnessed the many ebbs and flows of environmental education over the years, and can share humorous and bizarre stories from the formative years of EEAO, of which he is a Past President.

Writers and Contributors

Jim Martin
.Jim is an extraordinary educator and philosopher, and in his retirement from teaching continues to think and write about the brain and how we learn. His essays on using the community and environment around us as a source for science education is a staple of the CLEARING website. Jim is active in his community, engaging in photography, dance, and music. He continues to consult on various environmental education projects, including the revival of SalmonWatch.

katieboehnleincroppedKatie Boehnlein

Katie Boehnlein is a contributing writer for CLEARING magazine and is currently a student in the MS Environmental Education program at Southern Oregon University in Ashland. She enjoys writing about the endless expressions of place-based education, inspired by so many creative teachers. Katie blogs about her own ecological and urban adventures at “In the Midst,” which can be found at

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