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Oregon 4-H Season Tracker Classroom Trains the Next Generation of Climate Scientists
by Jody Einerson, Oregon 4-Hpg 8

A Chance to Make a Difference: Tackling Climate Change in a Middle School Classroom
by Angela Dale pg 12

NatureBridge Takes the Classroom Outdoors
by Karen West pg 16

Getting to the HeART of Marine Conservation
by Kerry Hynes pg 20

Poetry as a Tool for Science Education
by Whitney Chandler pg 18

Blooming Culture: Idaho 4th Grade Canoe Curriculum
by PPCS 4th-grade students, Renée Hill and Brant Miller, University of Idaho pg 24

What is the Place of Science in Art and English Education?
by Jim Martin pg 30

E.E. Resources for Teachers     pg 31

Book Review: Bringing School to Life reviewed by Gregory Smith pg 34

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