Spring 2019 Edition Now Online!

Reclaiming Spaces
by Sprinavasa Brown 8

Advice for White Environmentalists and Nature Educators
by Sprinavasa Brown 11

Earth Connections: Science Through the Seasons
by Shea Scribner 12

Embracing the Unfamiliar Through Adventurous Eating with an Equity Lens
by Caroline Bargo 15

Utilizing Hanford for STEM Science Lessons
by Ginger Wireman 18

Making Science Engaging at Camp
by Ellie Korthius 21

Adventure Hike to a Harbor
by Julia Glassy 23

Poetry and Science Inquiry
by Jim Martin 25

Wild turkeys… Thoughts on teaching environmental realism at an early age
by Suzanne Major, Ph.D 28

E.E. Resource Guide 29















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