New Film: Lessons from the Real World

Lessons From The Real World, a one hour documentary about innovative education in Portland Schools, will air on all Oregon Public Broadcasting television stations on Friday, May 6, at 11:00 PM.

Lessons From The Real World takes on negative perceptions about our schools, such as those featured in the recent documentary Waiting for Superman, and highlights successful practices conducted by Portland area teachers.   This documentary comes at a critical time when the national debate around education reform continues to be about how to raise test scores.   Lessons From The Real World contends that learning to read, do math, and other subjects happens when students care about what they are learning, rather than being drilled with subject matter largely divorced from their real lives.   The documentary provides a first hand look at K-12 schools and classes that weave community and societal problem solving through their curriculum – preparing students for active engagement in democratic society as well as motivating them to learn basic skills as part of a meaningful educational experience.

Schools featured in the film include: Atkinson Elementary, Sunnyside Environmental School, Jefferson high School, Marshall Campus, Roosevelt High School, Trillium Charter School, Sojourner in North Clackamas, Portland  YouthBuilders, and Portland State University.

Lessons From The Real World was produced by award winning California based documentary filmmaker Bob Gliner and is available for purchase from his website:

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