CLEARING Comes Full Circle!


Returns to Office Space at Portland State University


Thirty years after its birth in a 3rd floor loft in old Lincoln Hall at Portland State University, CLEARING Magazine is returning full circle with the opening of a new office space in PSU’s  Center for Science Education (CSE).

With the support and guidance of Stephanie Wagner, CLEARING board co-chair and Program Coordinator for the CSE’s Noyce Scholarship Program, CLEARING will secure cubicle space that will put the magazine and its staff in close working proximity to the faculty and students of the Noyce program, as well as graduate students involved in the Portland Metro STEM Partnership.

This move promises much more visibility and credibility for CLEARING, as well as greater interaction with teachers and students throughout the region.

We are currently unloading boxes of resource materials that will form the basis of an environmental education library for visitors, and organizing the space to become a hub of activity for CLEARING publishing and networking.

Full details, such as a phone number and office hours, will be posted as soon as we get settled.

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