Marine Science and Technology Camp Opportunity for Students


Ocean Watch 4-H Marine Ambassadors Camp- June 30- July 5, 2013- Application deadline May 24, 2013

Oregon State University 4-H has received $30,000 funding for a 4-H Marine Science and Technology camp for 57 youth entering grades 10-12. The Application Deadline is May 24! There is a $35 application fee, otherwise a full scholarship is provided for selected youth for 6 days at OSU and Hatfield and on the 64-foot sailing research vessel Ocean Watch. You can see more information about Ocean Watch’s 25,000-mile Around the Americas research voyage at this link

The six day Ocean Watch 4-H Marine Ambassadors Camp will take place on the Oregon State University (OSU) campus for two nights and in Newport at the Hatfield Marine Science Center for three nights. Transportation is provided between OSU and Hatfield. On the OSU campus youth will learn to be 4-H Marine Ambassadors, tour labs, participate in science classes and work with a team to construct Remote Operated Vehicles. In Newport campers will be introduced to the 64-foot sailing research vessel Ocean Watch.

oceanwatchWe will sail on Ocean Watch to access marine animal and plant survey sites, and collect water samples. She will also be the center piece of our public information day on the 4th of July, where Ocean Watch 4-H Marine Ambassadors will practice their newly acquired skills to teach the public about our oceans. The 4-H Marine Ambassador’s Mission is to raise awareness about the health of the ocean and to show how changes are impacting various ecosystems and human life.

There is more information and the application located at

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