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Interactive: Education vs. Advocacy

What do you think? As a former environmental educator, I think it is very important that we as  educators separate advocacy from education.  At the Environmental Education  Association of WA’s first conferences in  the early 1990s we discussed the distinction a lot.  Working at North Cascades Institute and now at another  nonprofit, we always have […]

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Review: Shadow of the Salmon

Preparing students with 21st century skills Reviewed by Ella Inglebret and CHiXapkaid (D. Michael Pavel) The salmon serves as an indicator species reflecting the overall health of the natural environment in the Pacific Northwest. For Native American tribal members, the salmon has played a central role in sustaining communities both historically and in contemporary daily […]

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The Nature and Purpose of Education

by Maurice Holt In her celebrated The Classic Italian Cookbook, Marcella Hazan wrote: “What people do with food is an act that reveals how they construe the world.” At the time — 30 years ago — it was a sentiment that needed a word of explanation; the Japanese meal respects aesthetics, the French cuisine respects […]

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The Case for the Earth

We need new strategies to preserve the habitability of the planet. by David Orr TRADING STORIES one day about smart animals, I heard from an old farmer who described a wily fox that appeared at the edge of a clearing in which his dog was tethered to a pole in the yard. Inferring from the […]

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