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The Case for the Earth

We need new strategies to preserve the habitability of the planet. by David Orr TRADING STORIES one day about smart animals, I heard from an old farmer who described a wily fox that appeared at the edge of a clearing in which his dog was tethered to a pole in the yard. Inferring from the […]

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Preparing Teachers to Teach About Sustainability

Recently Gregory Smith, Professor in the Lewis and Clark College Graduate School of Education and Counseling, received a $19,380 grant from the Gray Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation to train teachers in the West Linn (OR) School District on environmental issues. The Environmental Education Program seeks to encourage a strong local land ethic, […]

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Top Ten List for Developing Environmental Literacy

from Callister, Jamogochian, Lemos, Weddle, & Yoder (2010) – Community-based Education: Model Programs. Northwest Center for Sustainable Resources. This top-ten list of advice from Jon Yoder may be of assistance for teachers just beginning to integrate environmental literacy into their classroom: Start small and find other teachers interested in doing a community project. Support […]

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Teaching the 3 R’s Through the 3 C’s: Connecting The Curriculum And Community

Teaching the 3 R’s Through the 3 C’s: Connecting the Curriculum and Community By Clifford E. Knapp The exploration of the educational potential of communities through direct experiences is not a new idea.  In 1912 naturalist, John Burroughs, wrote: “. . . The way of knowledge of Nature is the way of love and enjoyment, […]

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