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Fire and Society: A Burning Issue

Record setting fires in Northwest forests in recent summers have made fire management a top priority of land managers. Students can use the debate to learn about forest ecosystems and public policy. by Valerie Vogrin Fire has been an important ecological process for thousands of years in Northwest woodlands. Fire has been responsible for the […]

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Activity: Imagine That!

By John Miller and Michelle Smith (reprinted from BugNet, the newsletter of the Montana EE Association) Introduction The traditional method for teaching students about ecosystems has consisted of lab specimens, worksheets, films, and lecture by the instructor. Absent from this approach are process-oriented, critical-thinking challenges along with meaningful field experience. This activity is used throughout […]

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K-12 Activities: Monitoring Biological Diversity

K-12 Activity Ideas: Monitoring Biological Diversity by Roxine Hameister Developing a biodiversity monitoring project at your school can help students develop many skills in an integrated manner. Here are some simple ideas that you can use to get your students started. Children and teachers are being pulled in many directions. Children want to “learn by […]

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Review: Winter is for the Birds, Literally

Reviews by Patricia Richwine, Ph.D. As we, optimistically, raked the last leaves from our yard and started to prepare for winter, we brought the wrought iron plant hanger, which had until just recently held a flowering basket, closer to the house where we could hang our feeder and watch an assortment of birds that live […]

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