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Bird Language

Creating the Need to Pay Attention Field trips and adventures in the woods are tremendously important experiences for children, especially those students that don’t often get to spend time in a natural setting. Some of the most important, lasting results of good Environmental Education are the heartfelt connections that young people make with nature. They […]

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Leaving Space for Awe

  We need to provide opportunities for students to establish connections with the natural world, to be in awe of its power and beauty. t was February 2012 in northwestern Ontario. I was in teachers college and my outdoor, environmental education cohort was on a winter camping trip. Cold winds blew outside, but inside of […]

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5 EE Resources You Should Know About

1. YardMap YardMap is a free, interactive, citizen science mapping project about habitat creation and low-impact land use from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, designed to cultivate a richer understanding of bird habitat for both professional scientists and people concerned with their local environments.  YardMap uses web technology to let users construct landscape maps using […]

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Review: Winter is for the Birds, Literally

Reviews by Patricia Richwine, Ph.D. As we, optimistically, raked the last leaves from our yard and started to prepare for winter, we brought the wrought iron plant hanger, which had until just recently held a flowering basket, closer to the house where we could hang our feeder and watch an assortment of birds that live […]

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The Birds Are Out There

by Lyanda Haupt Seattle Audubon Society Birds are everywhere.  Their lives hold myriad ecological lessons, some obvious, some subtle.   No matter where we live, or where we teach, there are birds to be found.  They may not be wondrous, rare, or exotic.  They may be an uninspired mix of starlings and pigeons.   But they ARE […]

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