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Bringing School to Life - Anderson

Book Review: Place-based Education

Enlivening Students   by Gregory A. Smith   Review of Sarah Anderson’s, Bringing School to Life: Place-Based Education across the Curriculum (Lanham, Massachusetts: Rowman & Littlefield, 2017) or the past two decades, books and articles written by place- and community-based advocates have been largely focused on defining and justifying an alternative approach to teaching and […]

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Book Review: The Sixth Extinction

Reviewed by Mike Weilbacher The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History By Elizabeth Kolbert Henry Holt. 319 pp. $28 We inhabit an extraordinary planet overflowing with an abundance of life: massive coral reefs built by billions of tiny invertebrates, rain forests teeming with uncountable plants and animals, frogs and toads singing in vernal ponds, bats flitting […]

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Book Review: A Pedagogy of Place

What is Outside of Outdoor Education? Becoming Responsive to Other Places By David A. Greenwood A review of Wattchow, B. & Brown, M. (2011). A Pedagogy of Place: Outdoor Education for a Changing World. Clayton, Victoria: Monash University Press. As someone who follows the literature around place and education, and who is always curious to […]

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