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To all residential environmental educators: You are invited!

Straight Talk, Sound Ideas IslandWood is convening a conference for residential environmental educators in the Pacific Northwest! Meet new colleagues, make new connections and friends, get fresh ideas – get inspired! You can look forward to workshops, explorations and courageous conversations. To date we are planning sessions on cattail weaving, bat/owl “hunting,” storytelling, linking learning […]

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Going Off Trail – New Paths in Programming to Connect Children With Nature

Courtesy of By Kelli Anderson Five years ago, with the addition of new management at Tamarak Nature Center in Maplewood, Minn., programming for children and their families began to take the road less traveled. It began, in effect, to go off trail. “When Marcie, our new acting outdoor education supervisor, came on board, she […]

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Connecting Kids and Caribou

Connecting Kids and Caribou by Sue Steinacher, Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Teenagers can be a tough audience to impress. The students from northwestern Alaska let it be known they’d seen plenty of caribou, and had been riding in boats and camping all their lives. So coming to a place called Onion Portage, downriver […]

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The Birds Are Out There

by Lyanda Haupt Seattle Audubon Society Birds are everywhere.  Their lives hold myriad ecological lessons, some obvious, some subtle.   No matter where we live, or where we teach, there are birds to be found.  They may not be wondrous, rare, or exotic.  They may be an uninspired mix of starlings and pigeons.   But they ARE […]

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