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Literacy as a Stepping Stone to Environmental Citizenship

“The librarian tells me that there have been skirmishes over books, especially on topics we’ve been discussing in class. She and the librarian see this as a problem but not me. I see small steps towards victory with my class. The interest [in Environmental Literacy] is ‘kindled’ and I hope to have a ‘forest fire’ […]

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ne of my favorite nature quotations comes from the Japanese conservationist Tanaka Shozu who said, “The question of rivers is not a question of rivers, but of the human heart.” I wanted to touch the hearts of my middle school students with the beauty of nature as well as inspire them to take care of […]

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Going Home (Book Review)

The Mystery of Animal Migration By Mariane Berkes Published by Dawn Publications Reviewed by Emily Baker-LaRouf What pushes an animal to travel thousands of miles to places it has never seen or to reproduce in the same spot as its ancestors did?  The mysteries of the animal world are many and scientists still don’t hold […]

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