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Digital Environmental Literacy

How do we train educators to successfully interface technologies with the outdoor experiences that they provide their students? by R. Justin Hougham, Marc Nutter, Megan Gilbertson, Quinn Bukouricz University of Wisconsin – Extension Technology in education (ed tech) is constantly changing and growing in impact in classrooms across the globe. While ed tech holds great […]

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Observing fruiting on a common snowberry shrub.

Climate Scientists

On a sunny fall day in Oregon students are outdoors learning about the new citizen science observation site in their schoolyard. With a mix of 4th and 5th grade exuberance and the seriousness of adults they are taking on the mission of gathering basic data for a section of their school yard scientific study and […]

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Bringing Home the Data: The Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School

Bringing Home the Data: The Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School by Mike Weddle The Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School (JGEMS) is a public charter school located within Waldo Middle School in Salem, Oregon. The ten-year old school has an enrollment of 90 students in grades six to eight. JGEMS students have classes in all subject […]

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Ocean Literacy & OCAMP

Jim Martin: Is Science Communication?

Is Science Communication? Can students, moving around and talking, do science? by Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor You’re trying to answer a question. Student work groups have designed their own investigations to understand the question, develop inquiries to investigate what they have found and thought about, then present their findings to the other work groups […]

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