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EE Research Applying a Permaculture Design Framework

APPLYING A PERMACULTURE DESIGN FRAMEWORK TO ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION TO CULTIVATE ENGAGED SCIENCE LEARNING From EE Research Bulletin THE RESEARCH Lebo, N. & Eames, C. (2015). Cultivating attitudes and trellising learning: A permaculture approach to science and sustainability education. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 31(1), 46–59. Permaculture and environmental education both originated in the 1970s and, […]

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EE Research: Outdoor Education

Memories from Residential Outdoor Education Have Long-term Impact THE RESEARCH: Liddicoat, K. R., & Krasny, M. E. (2014). Memories as useful outcomes of residential outdoor environmental education. The Journal of Environmental Education, 45(3), 178–193. For students, spending several days at a residential outdoor environmental education (ROEE) program creates many new and powerful experiences, some of […]

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EE Research: Mapping

Mapping Community Connections Strengthens Students’ Knowing of Nature THE RESEARCH: Jagger, S. L. (2013). “This is more like home: Knowing nature through community mapping.” Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 18, 173–189. Place-based environmental education provides opportunities for students to learn in a context that is local, familiar, and relevant. The author of this paper focused […]

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EE Research: Place-based Learning

Place-based learning connects experience, outdoors, and sustainability from EE Research Bulletin Nicole Ardoin, Editor As the focus on promoting sustainability through environmental education has increased, so has the scrutiny on outdoor education programs, which may not always lead to increased sustainable behaviors. In fact, this paper’s author suggests that some outdoor education programs may have […]

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EE Research: Climate Change

Environmental Educators Should Help Develop Climate Change Teaching Resources from EE Research Bulletin Issue 5, January-June 2013 Nicole Ardoin, Project Lead in partnership with ChangeScale THE RESEARCH: Monroe, M. C., Oxarart, A., & Plate, R. R. (2013). A role for environmental education in climate change for secondary science educators. Applied Environmental Education & Communication, […]

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