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McL 2nd Grade Measuring

Finding Lessons In the World Around Us: Bringing the Pieces Together

Were You Assigned A Class You Have No Background or Preparation to Teach?   by Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor ne year, I worked with a middle-school mathematics teacher who decided to engage his class in some work on a wetland and lake bordering a large river. He did this partly as a diversion from […]

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Helping Teachers Gain Competencies in a Technological Age

Helping Teachers Gain Competencies in a Technological Age Is Active Learning, Learning? by Jim Martin Because active learning requires practice and feedback on thinking like an expert (a scientist), it demands considerably greater subject expertise by the teacher. . . . [A problem that] will remain until college science teaching improves to the point that […]

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How Teachers Are Learning About Place Through Service Learning

To view this article in .pdf format, click here: MyMcKenzie An environmental education professional development program using place-based service-learning by Kathryn Lynch University of Oregon Environmental Leadership Program here does your drinking water come from? It is a simple question, and given that humans can survive only a few days without water, a critical one. Yet, […]

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