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Hands-on Hanford: Linking Lessons

by Erika Holmes, Community Outreach and Environmenal Education, Washington State Department of Ecology recently attended a forum bringing together state and federal agencies, non-profits, involved citizens, educators, and retired workers with a common goal: getting more young people interested in the Hanford Nuclear Site. With all of its intimidating acronyms, jargon, and bureaucracy, we agreed […]

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Solar energy in the classroom

Understanding Electricity Through Photovoltaics from green levine on Vimeo. More Than a Metaphor Solar energy in the classroom by Jessica Levine Eckstein Middle School Seattle, Washington As a student of David Orr at Oberlin College I helped design the Adam Joseph Lewis Center (AJLC) for Environmental Studies. The building was designed to generate more energy […]

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Review: How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate

Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch Dawn Publications ISBN 9781584691037 Reviewed by Heather Mattioli Books about climate change typically start from the premise that students will only passively participate. Lynne Cherry’s book departs from this tradition by way of including middle –school children as part of climate change science. […]

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Engaging Students in their Community: Hood River Middle School Outdoor Classroom Project

Hood River Middle School Outdoor Classroom Project The Outdoor Classroom Project is a work in progress where students are the researchers, engineers, designers, architects, builders, and users of a multidisciplinary, multi-sensory learning experience. What you see when you approach the schoolgrounds at Hood River Middle School is nothing short of remarkable. From solar panels on […]

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