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Learning about waterways and First Nation ways

by Sarah E. Smith from A Newsletter of the Salish Coastal Gathering An innovative education program is introducing Squamish First Nation kids and their non-Native classmates to the richness of plant and animal life along the waterways of their lush corner of Coast Salish territory in British Columbia. Last school year, 500 children in 24 […]

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Approaches to Environmental Education by Indigenous Cultures in North America

-From EETAP Resource Library, prepared by Joe E. Heimlich, Ph.D and Sabiha S. Daudi, GRA. April 1996 One of the major goals of environmental education is to prepare a citizenry capable of making informed choices and able to address its environmental concerns through positive actions. One way to achieve this is by encouraging sharing of […]

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Connecting Kids and Caribou

Connecting Kids and Caribou by Sue Steinacher, Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Teenagers can be a tough audience to impress. The students from northwestern Alaska let it be known they’d seen plenty of caribou, and had been riding in boats and camping all their lives. So coming to a place called Onion Portage, downriver […]

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