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Teach a School to Garden…

Teach a School to Garden… by Brandi Mendenall Central High School Springfield, Missouri s I watched the dump truck unload what would be the first of three loads of the highest quality compost our small school club could afford, I could not help but wonder if we really understood the scale of the project we […]

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Why Garden in School? (Part 4)

Can School Gardening Help Save Civilization? (An Essay in Four Parts) by Carter D. Latendresse The Catlin Gabel School Abstract This paper is an argument for gardening in schools, focusing on two months of integrated English-history sixth grade curriculum that explores the relationships between a number of current environmental problems—notably hunger, water scarcity, topsoil loss, […]

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Figure 3: Students and teachers search for critters (aka, decomposers) in the raised garden beds at their school.

Integrating STEM and Sustainability through Learning Gardens

Integrating STEM and Sustainability Education through Learning Gardens: A Place-Based Approach to the Next Generation Science Standards   by Sybil S. Kelley and Dilafruz R. Williams; Portland State University ur ecological and social problems are deeply interconnected. Climate change, habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, food insecurity, air and water pollution, along with innumerable other environmental […]

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