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High School Students Earn University of Washington Credit in Oceanography

by Richard Strickland, University of Washington School of Oceanography and Timothy Stetter, University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education This fall, as flocks of new freshmen swarm to college campuses, many of them are bringing along college credits that they earned while they were still in high school. Some of them earned the credits by […]

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Teaching Teachers in a Learning Garden: Two Metaphors

by Veronica Gaylie University of British Columbia Introduction There are no larger fields than these, no worthier games than may here be played.grow wild according to thy nature…let the thunder rumble…take shelter under the cloud…Enjoy  the land, but own it not. (Henry David Thoreau, From Walden) How does eco-centred teacher education promote ecological ideals while […]

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Higher Education’s Role in Creating a Sustainable World

by Carol Brodie There are over 4,000 institutions of post-secondary and higher education in the United States, with over 14 million students.  In 1999, 2.3 million degrees were handed out. These technical schools, colleges, universities, and professional schools prepare the majority of the professionals who will work, teach, and live in our towns and cities.  […]

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