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Using snowpack data for inquiry, graphing and analysis

Middle School Students Use Historic Snowpack Data to Gain Inquiry, Graphing and Analysis Experience by Joe Cameron Beaverton Middle School teacher   What do you get when you mix researchers, teachers, authentic science opportunities and a group of GREAT people? You get three summers of intense work, reinvigorated teachers, new ideas for the classroom and […]

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Meet the BEETLES: Bringing Wonder, Curiosity & Science to Residential Outdoor Schools

by Kevin Beals & Craig Strang magine a residential outdoor science program where instructors—all of them—routinely combine their passion for the natural world with a deep understanding of research-based teaching approaches that are based on all we know about how people learn. BEETLES (Better Environmental Education, Teaching, Learning, Expertise & Sharing), funded by the S.D. […]

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How Embedding Your Curriculum in the Environment Meets Certification Criteria

by Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor teacher has made a commitment to design and execute a unit which explores the curriculum embedded in a small creek at the edge of her schoolyard. She didn’t just decide, then go; instead, she visited the creek, became familiar with its parts, then drew on some information she had […]

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Details, Details, Details…

Details, details, details… The degree to which you can elaborate detail determines the level of confidence you’ll have in teaching curricula which begins in the real world by Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor ust as the degree with which they elaborate the ecological details of the compost communities students study delineates the levels at which […]

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