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Figure 3: Students and teachers search for critters (aka, decomposers) in the raised garden beds at their school.

Integrating STEM and Sustainability through Learning Gardens

Integrating STEM and Sustainability Education through Learning Gardens: A Place-Based Approach to the Next Generation Science Standards   by Sybil S. Kelley and Dilafruz R. Williams; Portland State University ur ecological and social problems are deeply interconnected. Climate change, habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, food insecurity, air and water pollution, along with innumerable other environmental […]

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Teaching and Learning Ecologically

Cultivating Ecological Teachers and Learners Using Project Learning Tree   by Jaclyn Stallard from The Branch, Project Learning Tree’s E-newsletter Summer 2014 “Ecological teaching and learning is not just a matter of pedagogy, but also philosophy. Ecological teaching and learning represents a new life-affirming mindset that all teachers—and, to a larger extent, all citizens and all […]

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Next Generation Science Standards:

Should they direct students’ educations, or would they be better applied to teachers’ educations? by Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor icture this: Science teachers with a strong background in doing science, working in a collegial environment, building their own independent curricula. Will they do a better job than those who, working alone in their classrooms, […]

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