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Bias and the Educator in the Mirror

Bias and the Educator in the Mirror Our inherent perspectives color the world we share with our students. by Victor Elderton Many of us in environmental education strive to create lessons and activities which we hope will facilitate greater understanding and stimulate higher levels of environmental inquiry among our students. The number of positive programs […]

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Teaching Stewardship Through Native Legend

Teaching Stewardship Through Native Legend Abstract: This article provides the reader with a general background of Alaska Native education and resource conservation, focusing on southeast Alaska cultures. European contact severed these education models by creating government schools. Since then Alaska Natives have worked to balance Native culture with western education. A synopsis of several legends […]

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Why you should become a Friend of CLEARING today!

CLEARING is, without a doubt, one of the most vibrant, timely, and informative resources for environmental literacy education to be found. It is a frequently updated source of classroom activities, best practices,  resources, and personal perspectives that help you connect students to the world around them, and gives teachers the tools and inspiration to integrate […]

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Race, Class, Climate Change and Outdoor Education

Race, Class, Climate Change and Outdoor Education By Jay Roberts A recent post on climate change and race ( brings up an issue that really needs to be on the forefront of outdoor and environmental education moving forward. It is becoming increasingly clear that climate change will become the defining issue of our times. Just […]

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Share your favorite EE activity with us!

If you’re a teacher, CLEARING would love to hear from you! We are compiling anecdotal examples of fun, engaging and successful environmental education activities from teachers around the Pacific Northwest. We are especially interested in teachable moments that sprang from creativity, inspiration, and special circumstances. If you have ever created, implemented, or participated in an […]

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