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Observing fruiting on a common snowberry shrub.

Climate Scientists

On a sunny fall day in Oregon students are outdoors learning about the new citizen science observation site in their schoolyard. With a mix of 4th and 5th grade exuberance and the seriousness of adults they are taking on the mission of gathering basic data for a section of their school yard scientific study and […]

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Using litter-fall to study carbon cycling

The LitTER Project: A field method for using litter-fall to study carbon cycling by Lee Cain & Nick Baisley Astoria High School Science Department ABSTRACT During a NASA funded Teacher-Researcher Partnership program focused on bringing Global Warming and Climate Change into the classroom, a long-term ecological study was created to get students into the field […]

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Plants and People

Plants and People Three service learning teams from the University of Oregon Environmental Leadership Program tackle teaching children about the ecological and cultural importance of native plants. . . by Kathryn Lynch Environmental Leadership Program University of Oregon Read the article here:PlantsandPeople

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