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Suquamish Basket Marsh: Creating a Living Library

Traditional Ecological Knowledge The Suquamish Basket Marsh: Creating a Living Library An Outdoor Environmental Learning Classroom for the students of Suquamish Elementary School By Melinda West There is a Salish legend passed down by the First Peoples of the Pacific Northwest that explains the origin of the cedar tree and why it has been referred […]

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Teaching Stewardship Through Native Legend

Teaching Stewardship Through Native Legend Abstract: This article provides the reader with a general background of Alaska Native education and resource conservation, focusing on southeast Alaska cultures. European contact severed these education models by creating government schools. Since then Alaska Natives have worked to balance Native culture with western education. A synopsis of several legends […]

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The Urban-Rural Exchange Bridges Oregon’s Greatest Divide

The Urban-Rural Exchange Bridges Oregon’s Greatest Divide By Judy Scott From Oregon’s Agricultural Progress Wallowa County in northeast Oregon was the destination for one of this year’s four exchanges. The young guests from the city arrived in the thick of calving season, a dynamic leap into ranch life. Photo by Lynn Ketchum. ix lanes of […]

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Crossing the Urban/Rural Divide

If you walk a mile in another person’s shoes… This video from Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “Oregon Field Guide” series provides a powerful example of true “place-based” education. Students from Portland’s Sunnyside Environmental School spent 3 days with ranching families in eastern Oregon to find out what life on a ranch is really all about. I […]

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From Screens to Streams: Using Technology as a “Bridge” to the Outdoors

Rather than viewing technology as an enemy of environmental literacy, technology-based learning can help cultivate an environmental sensibility by serving as a “bridge” to the outdoors. By Ryan Johnson When I was ten years old, I was absolutely obsessed with the original Nintendo Entertainment System. My cousins had one, my best friend had one, it […]

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