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Community-based Science Teaching: A Journey of the Mind?

By Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor he young woman carefully pours hydrogen peroxide into a graduated cylinder, presses a key on a computer keyboard, then measures ten drops of liver homogenate into the cylinder.  The surface of the hydrogen peroxide seems to leap at the first drop of homogenate, then the drop begins to froth […]

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Details, Details, Details…

Details, details, details… The degree to which you can elaborate detail determines the level of confidence you’ll have in teaching curricula which begins in the real world by Jim Martin CLEARING Associate Editor ust as the degree with which they elaborate the ecological details of the compost communities students study delineates the levels at which […]

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Lessons for teaching in the environment and community — 22

“Lessons for Teaching in the Environment and Community” is a regular series that explores how teachers can gain the confidence to go into the world outside of their classrooms for a substantial piece of their curricula. Part 22: Use It All Why settle for simple recall of facts? by Jim Martin, CLEARING guest writer e […]

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