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The Return of Salmon Watch

Salmon Watch is back by popular demand and coming soon to a stream near you! . by Lizanne Saunders . his Fall ten classes of middle and high school students in the Portland metropolitan area are participating in a revitalized Salmon Watch program sponsored this pilot year by the World Salmon Council, Bureau of Land […]

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I Am Clark’s Creek – Puyallup School District

I Am Clark’s Creek – Puyallup School District ometimes it takes the imagination and inspiration of youth to push a project towards success.  When the Puyallup River Watershed Council in Washington State became concerned about Clark’s Creek, it was the student project I am Clark’s Creek that sparked the community activism necessary to improve local […]

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Gertschen Interview: Jon Marvel

Interview by Chris Gertschen Jon Marvel is the founder and executive director of the Western Watersheds Project. Mission The mission of Western Watersheds Project is to protect and restore western watersheds and wildlife through education, public policy initiatives and litigation. Western Watersheds Project is a non-profit conservation group founded in 1993 with 1400 members and […]

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Connecting Kids and Caribou

Connecting Kids and Caribou by Sue Steinacher, Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Teenagers can be a tough audience to impress. The students from northwestern Alaska let it be known they’d seen plenty of caribou, and had been riding in boats and camping all their lives. So coming to a place called Onion Portage, downriver […]

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Grades K-8: Watersheds

Crumple Your Own Watershed by Erica Ritter Make your own three-dimensional map, and use it to explore how flowing water defines the areas of land we call “watersheds.”  This activity provides opportunities for creativity and for meaningful discussion, a great combination for engaging students. (more…)

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