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Transformative Power

The Transformative Power of Wilderness Education A graduate student finds an understanding of the effect of wilderness on the development of young people’s sense of self-worth by Rory Crowley n July 7th, 2001 I lie huddled in my sleeping bag, shivering as I survey the cloud of water vapor that floats above my head. It’s […]

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EE and Language Arts: The Hunger Games and the Nature of Rebellion

The Hunger Games and the Nature of Rebellion By Natalie Gillis In my nature explorations, I’ve always been fascinated not just with identifying the species I encounter, but with digging deeper and learning their backstories. There are many stories behind the plants and animals that fill our landscapes. Sometimes they’re hidden in history, myths and […]

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Gertschen Interview: Jason Wilmot on conservation and building community

Interview by Chris Gertschen Jason Wilmot is executive director of the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative. Jason was raised in Montana and South Dakota. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Montana and a Master of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Jason spent over 10 years […]

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The Art of Mentoring: Rekindling Appreciation of Nature

For the questioning mind, learning never concludes because it is an endless journey with an infinite number of destinations… by Chris Helander Head Instructor Coyote’s Path Wilderness School (reprinted from The Best of CLEARING) There are many people who say our current model for learning is ineffectual. Parents and educators are asking “how do you […]

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