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Race, Class, Climate Change and Outdoor Education

Race, Class, Climate Change and Outdoor Education By Jay Roberts A recent post on climate change and race (http://tinyurl.com/b6fzp7) brings up an issue that really needs to be on the forefront of outdoor and environmental education moving forward. It is becoming increasingly clear that climate change will become the defining issue of our times. Just […]

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Climate Change, Youth and Hope: Debunking the Paradox

by Megan McGinty North Cascades Institute Last year we began a service-learning summer program for high school students focusing on climate change. The Climate Challenge program consisted of a summer residency in the North Cascades followed by a service project in which elementary-school students were taught by the returning high-school students back in their home […]

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Sounds of the Southern Ocean

by Bill Hanshumaker Hatfield Marine Science Center The Southern Ocean surrounds Antarctica and serves as a conduit between the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Yet because of severe climatic conditions, much of this ocean basin remains unexplored. Polar regions play key roles in the global environment and one goal of our project is to document […]

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Review: How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate

Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch Dawn Publications ISBN 9781584691037 Reviewed by Heather Mattioli Books about climate change typically start from the premise that students will only passively participate. Lynne Cherry’s book departs from this tradition by way of including middle –school children as part of climate change science. […]

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Educating for Eco-Justice…in an Era of Ecological Uncertainty

by Chet A. Bowers hat is ironic, even tragic for future generations, is that the various approaches to educational reform being advocated by politicians, parents, and professional educators in the United State do not take account of the rapid changes occurring in the Earth’s ecosystems. Equally tragic is that these approaches to reform, like an […]

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