Reframing Sustainability

Reframing Sustainability Peter Denton, Ph.D. Keynote Address – EECOM Conference 2016, International Peace Gardens peaking here today is kind of like preaching to the choir. It is great to have a friendly crowd who does not think a polar icecap is the name of some new cold drink at Tim Horton’s or need to be […]

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Environmental Handprints

  Environmental Educators Create Handprints   by Jon Biemer he Handprint is a paradigm whose time has come. The Handprint motivates by focusing on the positive ways to think about sustainability and follow through with appropriate action. Over the past decade, the Handprint emerged independently in several places. India’s Center for Environmental Education (CEE) adopted […]

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Integrated Teaching

Integrated Teaching: The Student-Directed Investigation by Jillian Whitehill s educators, our goal is to increase the growth of each of our students, foster their passion for learning, and best prepare our students for the real world. While there are many different pedagogies aimed at achieving these goals, I would argue that one of the most […]

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Forest Schools

When Water Speaks: The Power of the Forest School Movement by Amanda Crawford issouri is a treasure trove of outdoor places and wild spaces dedicated to adventurers of all kinds. The natural brilliance of the Missouri landscape is no secret. And yet, unbeknownst to many, tucked away in the heart of West County, a forest […]

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