Corporate Curriculum: Teaching the ‘Science of Death’

by John F. Borowski For more than a decade, writing for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites, I have attempted to cast a light on “industrial strength” science curriculum: “that curriculum of the corporation, by the corporation and for a corporation’s profits…shall indeed hasten the rate of destruction of the earth’s resources and indeed, people may […]

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Connecting Kids and Caribou

Connecting Kids and Caribou by Sue Steinacher, Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Teenagers can be a tough audience to impress. The students from northwestern Alaska let it be known they’d seen plenty of caribou, and had been riding in boats and camping all their lives. So coming to a place called Onion Portage, downriver […]

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Review: Eco-Inquiry: A Guide to Ecological Learning Experiences for Upper Elementary/Middle Grades

ISBN: 0-8403-9584-1 Copyright: 1994 Number of Pages: 400 Binding: Soft Cover Author: Kathleen Hogan Publisher: Kendal/Hunt Publishing Co. Reviewed by Fletcher Brown Over the last two decades the educational reform movement has been pitching a variety of methodologies to get educators to be more student-centered and inquiry minded. Curriculum and textbooks have been slowly adapting, […]

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Challenges Facing K-12 Environmental Education

by Louis A. Iozzi, Professor/Director Center for Science and Environmental Education Cook College, Rutgers University As I look at the world of K-12 education, I see far too many challenges to cover in this short presentation. Some have been with us for a very long time, while some are more recent, and few relate only […]

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The Birds Are Out There

by Lyanda Haupt Seattle Audubon Society Birds are everywhere.  Their lives hold myriad ecological lessons, some obvious, some subtle.   No matter where we live, or where we teach, there are birds to be found.  They may not be wondrous, rare, or exotic.  They may be an uninspired mix of starlings and pigeons.   But they ARE […]

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