Review: Ecological Literacy

Edited by Michael K. Stone and Zenobia Barlow (2005; Sierra Club Books) Review by Jaimie P. Cloud This spectacular collection of essays by Fritjof Capra, Wendell Berry, Alice Waters, David Orr and Donella Meadows, to name just a few, is woven together with stories of the editors’ own journeys, over time, educating for sustainability. The […]

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How livable is your neighborhood?

Students Use Real World Data to Make ‘Green Maps’ of their Community by Todd Burley Homewaters Project, Seattle “Green Mapping connected Cleveland’s students to their community by opening up their eyes to the environmental benefits and detriments around them. It gave the students a sense of ownership, pride, and responsibility. The culminating presentation at City […]

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Grades K-8: Watersheds

Crumple Your Own Watershed by Erica Ritter Make your own three-dimensional map, and use it to explore how flowing water defines the areas of land we call “watersheds.”  This activity provides opportunities for creativity and for meaningful discussion, a great combination for engaging students. (more…)

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