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providing ideas, inspiration, and tools for
place-based environmental education

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Why is CLEARING important?

The field of environmental education is full of amazing people doing extraordinary work—leading communities, classrooms, schools, and college programs with passion and dedication. But often those educators work in isolation, without the vital support of administrators or even their peers. That’s where a publication like CLEARING comes in—providing ideas, resources, and perspectives on teaching environmental education, as well as inspiring, motivating, and connecting educators with one another. Whether talking about climate change, recycling, or sustainable oceans, or addressing the historic environmental injustice faced by indigenous people and people of color, CLEARING provides a local and diverse source of perspectives. From the tundra of Alaska to the Snake River Plain, and from the rocky shores of Puget Sound to the wheatfields of the Palouse, CLEARING connects the region and its people.

CLEARING is published in support of state/regional E.E. associations
and organizations in the Pacific Northwest.