CLEARING is a nonprofit resource journal for environmental education in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Mission

The mission of CLEARING Magazine is to support environmental literacy throughout the Pacific Northwest.

By providing an online and print platform for the exchange of learning activities, regional resources, and innovative ideas in the environmental education space, CLEARING Magazine is supporting educators, community leaders, and families build a greater understanding of our relationship to our natural systems and the communities that depend on them.

Our Vision

A community of educators and students throughout the Pacific Northwest dedicated to the common purpose of creating a healthy and sustainable future.

Our Values

  • Building community
  • Empowering teachers
  • Promoting creative and innovative environmental education

What We Do

• We arm educators with information, insights, and ideas so they can deliver the best environmental education possible.

• We connect people, projects, and programs throughout the Pacific Northwest (and beyond), building bridges across a diverse cultural and ecological landscape.

• We provide a forum for sharing best practices in interdisciplinary place-based learning for all ages to increase environmental literacy.

• We work with universities, government agencies, and the business community to increase awareness of STEM research and practices.

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