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Why Advertise in CLEARING?

Advertising in CLEARING is a way to show your support for the many dedicated teachers who are engaged in environmental literacy education.
• There is NO OTHER PUBLICATION that links teachers and educators with the resources they need for environmental, place-based, and/or sustainability education in the Pacific Northwest.
• Readers of CLEARING are connected by their interest and participation in interdisciplinary place-based environmental literacy education.

CLEARING is now working in partnership with the Pamplin Media Group to expand the reach and visibility of the publication.
Distribution of CLEARING is through a network of agencies, universities, businesses, and community organizations throughout the PNW and Canada. Together, CLEARING is seen by more than 5,000 teachers, non-formal educators, agency personnel, university instructors, teacher trainers, and administrators.

Publishing Schedule
Print editions of CLEARING are published twice a year — in March and in September.
• CLEARING articles, reviews and other information are posted continuously online throughout the year.
• A monthly eNewsletter highlights the latest articles, reviews, resources, and other items of interest.

NOTE: Sponsor logos are featured on the home page of the CLEARING website (with a link to advertiser’s website).Advertisements will accompany articles in the current posts section.

Sponsorship of Special Focus Issues of CLEARING

We are seeking partners, sponsors, and donors to support the development and distribution of peer-reviewed special focus issues of CLEARING.

Special focus issues utilize guest editors to gather cutting edge research and resources on critical topics in environmental education. These issues are then made available to teachers and educators throughout the country. Currently special focus topics include (with planned publication date):

  • justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in environmental education (Fall 2021)
  • teaching for ocean literacy and sustainable seas (Spring 2022)
  • developing schoolgrounds for interdisciplinary nature study (Fall 2022)


What your sponsorship means

Your sponsorship of special focus issues of CLEARING wiil demonstrate your valued support for teachers, educators, and programs promoting environmental literacy, critical thinking, and citizenship. CLEARING can help you connect with people who want to learn about your organization and its work.

CLEARING special focus issue sponsorship provides critical support for all components of publishing, including printing, distribution, and overhead for a single issue.

Price: $2500.00

Contact the Editor at to set up your sponsorship now!

Past partners:

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)
Gray Family Foundation
Southern Oregon University
Portland General Electric
Oregon State University

University of Washington/IslandWood

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“Advertising in Clearing helps us connect with our target audience—those wonderful educators both in the classroom and field who work hard to advance environmental literacy. This resource-rich publication is a perfect match for Acorn Naturalists and well worth our advertising dollars.”

Jennifer Rigby

Acorn Naturalists