Submission Guidelines and FAQs

WHO CAN SUBMIT? Any student, age kindergarten through grade 12, is eligible to submit their work. Selected entries will be published in our student anthology alongside esteemed invited Oregon writers and artists. The authors of published pieces will receive a free copy of the anthology and a chance to be featured in upcoming events such as our annual student reading at Powell’s City of Books!

WHAT SHOULD I SUBMIT? We welcome written works (no more than 500 words per entry please) that are typed or clearly printed, and original art and photography. Digital entries are encouraged. One entry per student. A written entry may be accompanied by original artwork.

See past anthologies for examples of types of submissions

There is also a special section of the anthology entitled “River Voices” that is exclusively for entries submitted in foreign languages. In past anthologies, entries in Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Russian and Japanese were submitted.  Translations must be provided with foreign language submissions.

HOW DO I SUBMIT? It’s easy! Simply fill out the entry form (see link below).  We are requesting that all submissions be made electronically. See the step-by-step instructions for details. Please keep a copy of your work. Honoring Our Rivers reserves rights and permissions for printing and reproductions.

Click to download an entry form  All entry forms must be signed.

The submission deadline for next year’s anthology is April 30, 2024


TEACHERS: We’d love for you to encourage your students to submit. Students can either submit their work directly to us, or you can help them and send us their entries. Teachers who submit student entries will receive a copy of the anthology for classroom or personal use.  Please consider incorporating the Honoring Our Rivers Student Anthology into your curriculum. You can spend as little as part of one class period, or devote a week-long project to it. It can help students meet Oregon’s Educational Standards for the language arts and science.

Contact us for more information or to order your free watershed toolkit!


Manuscript & Artwork Guidelines in Brief

  • One entry per student.
  • Check spelling and punctuation carefully
  • Written work should be typed or printed clearly (no more than 500 words per entry please).
  • Written entries: Electronic submission is encouraged (acceptable formats include: .pdf, .doc or .docx)
  • Artwork & Photography: Original, or digital submissions preferred (jpeg, tiff, png, pdf).

Honoring Our Rivers reserves rights and permissions for printing and reproductions.



Frequently Asked Questions

How will the entries be judged and by whom?
A panel of teachers, writers, sponsor representatives and local artists will evaluate entries based on content, clarity and relevance.

Do I have to submit work only about rivers?
No. Submissions should focus on the relationship between people and their watershed- the waters, weather, land, plants, animals and habitats that make up our beautiful and fragile river system

What kind of work do you accept?
Original essays, poetry, short stories, black & white artwork or photography: Anything that expresses your thoughts, reflections or feelings about the river. Technical or scientific writing is also encouraged.

Do I have to live in the Willamette Valley to participate?
No – entries are invited from anywhere in Oregon. In fact, this year we are inviting submissions from students in SW Washington!

Can I submit an entry in a foreign language?
There is a special section of the Anthology entitled “River Voices” that is exclusively for entries submitted in foreign languages. In past anthologies, entries in Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Spanish were submitted.  Please provide translations for foreign language submissions.

How many entries can I submit?
Only one entry per student – pick your best work. You can submit artwork as a stand-alone entry or to support or clarify your written work.

When will the anthologies be available?
The anthology has traditionally been published in time to distribute books for Earth Day events. This year (2023) will be a bit different since we are getting a late start. If you have an event you would like anthologies for that occurs near our publishing date, let us know in advance so we can get them to you.

Are all entries, regardless of the age of the author, to be evaluated using the same criteria?
Criteria is adjusted for age. Each entry is scored by a minimum of three separate evaluators, and the top-scoring entries in each age group are chosen for publication.

Who will receive a free copy of the anthology?
All area libraries, published entrants, participating schools and teachers will receive a copy at the time of publication.  Copies of the anthology are also distributed by our sponsors and partners. If you would like a free copy of the anthology, please contact us.