howweknowclimatechangeScientists and Kids Explore Global Warming

by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch
Dawn Publications
ISBN 9781584691037

Reviewed by Heather Mattioli

Books about climate change typically start from the premise that students will only passively participate. Lynne Cherry’s book departs from this tradition by way of including middle –school children as part of climate change science. Throughout an extraordinary photographic and illustrative collection, she also shows students as active researchers and scientists in the study of climate change. The result is a beautiful book that engages children visually, intellectually, and inspirationally, with insight into the science of climate change.

As the title denotes, the book is about the science of climate change, beginning with an introduction about the search and collection of scientific data. Cherry and Braasch feature the involvement of students in many data gathering situations, from tree growth, to water quality and flow to frog populations. Once the data is gathered the clues are explained in an understandable and meaningful way. The reader cannot help but get drawn in through the beautiful pictures and the belief that science is everywhere and we are all participants.

The book introduces the concepts of interconnectivity, developed hypothesis, and stories about children helping scientists collect data. One could not help but get excited about making a change to help the environment and doing it as a scientist with an assortment of tools, knowledge, and nature which seems to make the activity so much more achievable. Throughout the book, children and scientists are found working together in an honest effort to reduce one’s impact on the environment.

Yet, the value of the book lies in the educational resources that it has to offer educators, students, and parents.  The book works as an engaging resource for educators of all types as it offers projects for teachers and students. Also, there is a pretty substantial glossary and resource section that make the text an excellent compliment to environmental education.

To learn more about children and their efforts to combat climate change, check out the website Young Voices on Climate Change at


CLIMTTG_CoverA Teacher’s Guide to How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate

Author: Carol Malnor

Paperback • $8.95

Based on Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch’s timely book How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate, this guide helps teachers explore global warming through engaging lessons and classroom activities. Suggestions are provided to differentiate instruction and conduct project-based learning. Lessons and activities are correlated to science standards for grades 5 to 8.