“Connecting Students to the World” (CSW) is an interdisciplinary teacher lesson plan guide for grades K-3 that engages young students in global issues and sustainability, providing them with the building blocks necessary to become future global citizens and change agents.

CSW addresses important real-world issues in an age-appropriate way. Students explore a variety of environmental and social issues from around the world and see how they can be involved in solutions. Lessons are aligned with language arts, science, and social studies educational standards in all 50 states, and are complemented by suggested children’s books.

Download a free preview, Chapter 2: Humans and The Environment, for a teacher lesson plan guide that helps you build academic skills while introducing global sustainability. Students can:

  • Discover how humans impact and interact with their environment
  • Explore their culture and identity
  • Build responsibility and teamwork
The full curriculum resource will be available for download starting September 27th.

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