1. Green Living Project Sustainability Film Contest

GLP is proud to announce its fall 2012 Student Film Project contest!  Students are encouraged to document and submit their own stories of sustainability.  The contest is open to 6th grade through college level students.  Short films (5 minutes or less) are preferred, documenting any sustainability-related stories.  Download the flier for your classroom here:

EcoliterateCover2. Ecoliterate: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence

Ecoliterate offers an exciting new model of education that advances academic achievement; protects the natural world upon which we depend; and fosters strength, hope, and resiliency. It tells stories of activists, educators, and young people who are creatively addressing issues related to oil, coal, food, and water in places ranging from the Arctic to Appalachia and New Mexico to New Orleans. The secret to their success? Bringing some emotional intelligence to their ecological goals. Ecoliterate is the result of an innovative collaboration between Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) and Lisa Bennett and Zenobia Barlow of the Center for Ecoliteracy.…

MarineBiologyColoringBook3. Marine Biology Coloring Book

The Marine Biology Coloring Book (Harper Collins) can serve as a useful resource and guide through hand-drawn illustrations and updated text.  The process of coloring can focus attention and leave a visual imprint on memory.  The latest edition includes ocean currents and global weather, the deep-sea realm, and more.  Those interested can preview pages from the book before purchase.

President'sEnvYouthAward4. President’s Environmental Youth Award

Sponsored by the EPA, the President’s Environmental Youth Awards program recognizes young people for projects which demonstrate their commitment to the environment.  The program is available to K-12 individuals, classes, and youth groups.  Awards are presented in each of the EPA regions, and one project from each region is presented with a national award.  The regional deadline for application is December 31, 2012.

Nature'sPatchworkQuilt5. Nature’s Patchwork Quilt: Understanding Habitat

(For ages 4-10) This new title from Dawn Publications is a visual delight — filled with simple, but realistic illustrations of many of the inhabitants that make up nature’s patchwork quilt. At the same time, author Mary Miché provides solid science principles such as adaptation and biodiversity in an easy-to-understand, age-appropriate way. If you’re a visual learner like me, you and your children will love the colorful panoply of plants, animals, and people that make up our world.