Art & Humanities

Poetry and Science Education

Poetry as a Tool for Science Communication   by Whitney Chandler Funding for the arts is continuing to be reduced year after year. The importance of serving our children’s right brain has been pushed aside to afford them lessons in math and science. However,...

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Eco-Art: How to Flow Upstream

  By Shimshon Obadia hirty-one degrees Celsius and the air is dry to the touch in downtown Kelowna, BC. I whip my bicycle down the shoulder of Pandosy Street where the bike lane would be until I hit K.L.O. Road where I connect to the actual bike lane embedded in the...

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Greening the Language Arts

Considering Sustainability Outside of the Science Classroom by Lauren G. McClanahan Western Washington University Humanity is exalted not because we are so far above other living creatures, but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life. —E.O. Wilson...

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Storytelling in Science Education

by Brian "Fox" Ellis I learned early on that storytelling is one of the most important tools for teaching science. If you think about it . . . what is science? Science is an attempt to understand the universe. A well-told science story does three important jobs: It...

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Dying is Easy: Comedy in Environmental Education

by Eric J. Fitch, Ph.D. Abstract: In the contest of ideas, environmental educators put themselves at disadvantage  by not availing themselves of the tools of humor. From satire to ridicule to comedy, the  ability to connect through humor shouldn’t be overlooked. Humor...

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