Climate Change & Energy

Violence, environmental violence, and pro-environmental action

Violence, environmental violence, and pro-environmental action Richard Kool Royal Roads University hile there are many tasks on the plate of any educator, there are two that, to me at least, really seem essential and that are often overlooked; these tasks are for the...

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Climate Change

  A Chance to Make a Difference: Tackling Climate Change in a Middle School Classroom by Angela Duke Northwest Expedition Academy Hayden, Idaho n the days of selfies and social media mania, it is often a difficult job getting middle schoolers to look up instead...

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Climate Scientists

On a sunny fall day in Oregon students are outdoors learning about the new citizen science observation site in their schoolyard. With a mix of 4th and 5th grade exuberance and the seriousness of adults they are taking on the mission of gathering basic data for a...

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Climate Change Education

Climate Change Education: A Student's Perspective   by Eliot Brody At my recent high school graduation, I found myself reflecting on the 12 years I spent in Oregon’s largest school district, Portland Public Schools. While I sat through the speeches in my...

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Cool School Challenge – Students Take Action!

The Cool School Challenge engages schools from all across the country in strategies to reduce CO2 emissions by Katie Fleming, Rhonda Hunter & Kimberly Cline Extreme weather events, rising sea levels, melting glaciers – oh my!  While climate change is an...

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The Case for the Earth

We need new strategies to preserve the habitability of the planet. by David Orr TRADING STORIES one day about smart animals, I heard from an old farmer who described a wily fox that appeared at the edge of a clearing in which his dog was tethered to a pole in the...

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