K-12 Activities

Leaning into Content with Lesson Sequencing

by Zachary Zimmerman Bainbridge Island, WA s an outdoor educator, I often get sucked into the false binary that lessons are either fun or informative, that content must be sweetened with games, stories, and activities like applesauce for children’s medicine. But...

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Making Outdoor Education More Accessible

Effective Practices For Night Hike By: Grace Werner The mainstream outdoor industry, as it exists today, is a blanket of whiteness that ignores sacred stories, crucial histories, and traditional knowledge of black and brown people (Brown, 2019). This truth is...

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EE Activities K-12

EE Activities F17EE Activities F17 K-12 Environmental Education Activities Here are some ideas, separated into grade levels and subject areas, that you can use to instill environmental learning when you are looking for something to fill a gap in your activity plan....

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Teacher Favorite Activity Ideas

Favorite EE Activity Ideas from PNW Educators Practical and proven environmental education activities for all grade levels and subject areas, shared by members of the EE community. What is your favorite?   Nature Journal Kristen Clapper Bergsman My favorite EE...

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K-12 Activities: Monitoring Biological Diversity

K-12 Activity Ideas: Monitoring Biological Diversity by Roxine Hameister Developing a biodiversity monitoring project at your school can help students develop many skills in an integrated manner. Here are some simple ideas that you can use to get your students...

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Environmental Education Activities K-12

Environmental Education Activities K-12 a potpourri of teaching ideas for the classroom   GRADES K-2 Science   Flannel Beach Life Cut out pictures of intertidal animals from calendars or a cheap field guide. Laminate pictures and use stick-on velcro to turn...

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My Favorite EE Activity – Margie B. Klein

By Margie Klein Retired Interpretive Naturalist Now doing environmental ed. and nature interpretation part-time at local public lands sites. She is also a writer and author of many articles in national magazines; co-author of a nation-wide curriculum; recipient of an...

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What Can I Do Monday Morning?

  50+ Simple EE Activities Across the K-12 Curriculum   GRADES K-2 SCIENCE Back to the Earth Display food items such as a boiled egg, apple, peanut butter, bread, jelly, strip of bacon, etc.  Pictures can be used.  Ask students to identify the food items you...

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Teaching about the Rainforest

Warren Marchioni, Frances Vandervoort, Frank Hinerman, Ann Stocker, and Judy Kemlitz - 1991 Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute Classroom Ideas *  Try to germinate tropical plant seeds in the classroom and have students determine the best conditions for plant growth...

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EE Activity Ideas K-12

Grades K-2 Science Flannel Beach Life Cut out pictures of intertidal animals from calendars or a cheap field guide. Laminate pictures and use stick-on velcro to turn them into flannel board creatures. (You can also purchase a set of flannel patterns from the Seattle...

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Activity: Imagine That!

By John Miller and Michelle Smith (reprinted from BugNet, the newsletter of the Montana EE Association) Introduction The traditional method for teaching students about ecosystems has consisted of lab specimens, worksheets, films, and lecture by the instructor. Absent...

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Grades K-2: Sustainability

“The frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives” -  Indian Proverb Science - How do Plants Help Soil? Take two large baking pans (about 12 x 6 in.).  Place bare soil in one pan and line the other with grass sod.  Place the pans at a 20 - 25 degree slant in...

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Grades K-8: Watersheds

Crumple Your Own Watershed by Erica Ritter Make your own three-dimensional map, and use it to explore how flowing water defines the areas of land we call "watersheds."  This activity provides opportunities for creativity and for meaningful discussion, a great...

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