Collaboration with Southern Oregon University

Opportunities for student involvement with CLEARING

Write resource descriptions or reviews

Either individually or as a team, conduct internet research to find EE resource materials (curricula, activity guides, books, videos, etc.) suitable for the classroom and write a brief description of the material, including ordering information. This is a key element in each print edition of CLEARING. Each issue usually contains over two dozen new or existing materials on topics ranging from climate change to outdoor school to equity in the classroom. See past issues for examples.

Interview inspiring educators

Conduct short (10 or so questions) Q&A interviews with inspiring or influential environmental educators from around the Pacific Northwest. These are somewhat “boilerplate” interviews, in which questions are provided in advance and followup questions help weave answers into a conversational format. Example.

Submit personal stories

Submit an article about your experience in environmental education in local schools or outdoor settings, providing introspective examination of your experience and describing lessons learned in the process. Articles can be anywhere between 1000-2000 words, and should be accompanied by photographs or other visual illustrations.  Example.

Connect with other EE graduate students around the PNW

Help CLEARING build a region-wide communications network with other graduate EE programs in universities around the Pacific Northwest. CLEARING can be a link between students across the region, sharing ideas and perspectives on their experience in environmental education.

Other ideas:
• Expand and improve website
• Develop social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
• Create format for developing and sharing videos of EE programs