Resource: Ocean Currents

Resource: Ocean Currents

What causes ocean currents? What impact do they have on Earth’s environment? How have they influenced human history?

This teaching guide for grades 5-8 provides 7 activities for students to explore the causes and impacts of ocean tides and gain an understanding of the influences of wind, temperature, salinity and density on ocean movement.

Students are given the opportunity to explore such real-world situations as the 1990 Nike shoe spill, the raft Kon Tiki, and other oceanic voyages in history.

From Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS). ISBN 0-924886-44-7. $21.00. Order online at

Rowing and the art of environmental education

Rowing and the art of environmental education


Engaging students in the marine sciences

by Susie Vanderburg


enny Ross, a N.A.M.E. teacher at Strawberry Vale Elementary in Victoria, BC, shared with us a creative and challenging way to engage students in the marine sciences.  When Lenny was a middle school teacher, he developed a partnership with The Rowing Center, a waterfront business on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The Rowing

Center staff and Lenny created a unique opportunity for local 6th and 7th graders by offering a teacher workshop along with a one-day field trip to explore marine ecology and learn the art of rowing.  The workshop’s resources included Gloria Snively’s curriculum guide, “Salish Sea: A Handbook for Educators.”  The workshop provided a springboard for teachers to develop and teach units in marine science, preparing students for the field trip.